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Paraguay is a country in the center of South America, bordered to the north and west by Bolivia, to the northeast and east by Brazil, and to the south and west by Argentina.
Paraguay is one of the two countries in South America that do not have an outlet to the sea along with Bolivia.
The capital and largest is Asuncion, whose metropolitan region is home to about a third of the country's population. In contrast to most Latin American nations, the country's native language and culture - Guarani - remained highly influential in society. In each census, residents predominantly identify as mestizos, reflecting years of miscegenation among the country's different ethnic groups.
Official language
Castilian and Guarani
The passport must be valid for at least six months.
Visa regime: tourist visa exemption for a period of less than 90 days.
From the uniqueness of the Guarani culture to the sweet melodies of the Paraguayan harp, from the mega structure of Itaipu to the well preserved Jesuit missions - listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Paraguay still present us with contradictory surprises: , an ecosystem that is almost a desert in the dry season and a great swamp in the rainy season, while the "national quitute" is the Paraguayan soup, as solid as it is delicious.
Paraguay is one of the most fascinating countries in Latin America. The streets are all wooded, in addition to the huge amount of attractions that attract tourists, who year after year comes here to discover the beauties of that country. Here is the ideal place for those who like places with a rich indigenous past.
For those who like to buy, you can buy great handmade products with traditional Guarani and Spanish characteristics. Other articles sought by tourists are the pieces made of leather, carved in wood, musical instruments, products with fine woods with gold or silver are also great gifts.
Paraguay is the true paradise for those who like to practice outdoor activities or for those who are looking for an itinerant alternative or even for ecotourism lovers. The best options are those tours made on foot, so you can see everything calmly and enjoy it well. Choose the Ybycui area and the Ybycui National Park. Villa Florida is great for those who like a good fishing and camping, you can enjoy swimming and other water sports.
The capital of Paraguay, Assunción is one of the tourist attractions of the country. Here you can see up close the influence of Spanish culture, especially on the streets and buildings near the river. The most beautiful places of the capital are the Botanical Garden with a rich local fauna and flora. In the center of the city the Cathedral and the Government Palace where you will have a beautiful view of the river and the House of Paraguayan Culture, besides the House of Independence, the oldest building in the country. Finalize by going to the fantastic Mud Museum.
One of the best starting points for visiting Jesuit Reduction of Trinidad is Encarnación. For those who enjoy railway relics, it's good to get to the local train station and see an 1870 locomotive. And do not leave town without visiting the Ferry Market with its fun attractions.
Pedro Juan Caballero is the city that borders Brazil and offers great lodging options. Lastly, do not miss out on New Australia, an old Australian colony where you will have a quiet atmosphere of calm to enjoy the best of the country cuisine.
Finally, surprise yourself with what there is besides Ciudad del Este, with the world of the muambas and discover a different destination and so close.
Paraguay's cuisine has a variety of delicious dishes and is mainly based on natural and fresh that is usually harvested in the day. Includes all types of meats (beef, pork, goats, sheepmeat, and certain wild species). In addition to a variety of plant products include cassava, corn, sweet potatoes, corn, rice, pumpkin, beans and other vegetables, as well as tasty fruits that are born all year round.
The climate of Paraguay is generally subtropical, except in some parts of the Chaco region, with temperatures similar to those of the Brazilian Pantanal, where it is hot and humid. The country is cut by the Tropic of Capricorn in the center, near Concepción. The central and flat position of Paraguay, practically without natural barriers, favors the rapid effects of the warm winds originating in Ecuador, and the cold winds that come from Argentina, causing severe thermal variations.

In summer, temperatures range between 26 ° C and 33 ° C, and in the winter between 15 ° C and 26 ° C. The average temperature is 23 ° C, while the absolute maximum is 41 ° C and the minimum is 1 ° C. The difference between the average summer temperature and the winter temperature is 6 ° C. One of the characteristics of the Paraguayan climate is the high temperature experienced in summer, especially in the region of the fields and the Chaco, and the intense cold that occurs in the winter period.

The rains are very frequent and almost always abundant in Paraguayan territory. The size of the country has an influence on the amount of rainfall, accentuating the dry season especially on the border with Bolivia and Argentina. The rainfall index can be considered very high in the Paraná Plateau, with 2,000 mm per year. In the capital, Asuncion falls to 1,300 mm and in the Chaco to 800 mm. The months of rainfall concentration are December, January and February, falling during the winter months.
Satisfactory, although without major problems of greater to register, there is an increase of small delinquency in the cities.
It is advisable to observe the usual safety precautions:
- not to display jewelry, valuable clothing, cameras or other objects that attract attention;
- to avoid some neighborhoods and places of the capital, Asunción, like "mercado cuatro", Chacarita and, at night, San Lorenzo, Luque and Nemby;
- avoiding public transport at night;
- travel documents and other valuables must be stored in the hotel safe;
- in case of aggression you should not resist.
Health care
It is recommended that national citizens go to Paraguay to take preventive measures against yellow fever.
Clinically there are dengue cases in Paraguay. In the regions of Canindeyu, Guaira, Caaguazu and Alto Paraná there have also been cases of malaria.
No vaccine is required but the following are recommended: yellow fever, tetanus, diphtheria, typhus, hepatitis A and B.
Before traveling, consult your doctor, and it is advisable to carry out a health insurance that covers all medical expenses, including repatriation explicitly from Paraguay.
Telecommunications and Electricity
Mobile Phones
The use of mobile devices can be used if roaming is enabled, however, paying attention to very high roaming charges.

Paraguay is reasonably served with internet services, there are several cybers-cafes with high-speed connections.
In case you have a laptop or notebook, there are numerous cafes that offer the free wi-fi connection.

The electricity is 220 Volts 50 Hz.
It is advisable to have an adapter kit for the sockets.

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