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Denmark is a Scandinavian country in northern Europe. It is the southernmost of the Nordic countries, southwestern Sweden and southern Norway, delimited in the south by Germany. Denmark's borders are in the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. The country consists of a large peninsula, Jutland, and many islands, most notably Zealand (Sjælland), Funen (Fyn), Vendsyssel-Thy, Lolland, Falster and Bornholm, as well as hundreds of smaller islands often referred to as the Archipelago Danish. Denmark has long controlled the entry and exit of the Baltic Sea, as this can only happen through three channels, which are also known as the "Danish Narrows".
Official language
Danish Crown
The necessary documentation for travel to Denmark varies according to the country of origin.
For citizens of the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein just have a valid passport or identity card with photo / citizen's card.
If you are from another country other than those listed above, the maximum stay in Denmark is 90 days.
There are countries whose citizens are required to have a valid tourist visa to enter Denmark.
Citizens of those countries may also travel to Denmark if they have a residence permit or a long-stay visa issued by another EU country (with the exception of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Romania, Bulgaria and Cyprus), Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein.
Citizens of all other countries must be in possession of documents justifying the purpose and the conditions of their stay, as well as sufficient financial resources for their stay during the period they intend to remain in Denmark.
The documents that are needed to present vary according to the reason for the trip.
Taking into account the various conditions necessary for entry into Denmark, it is suggested that you contact the Danish Embassy or Consulate in the visitor's country of residence to check these requirements before you start your journey.
In a short time you can understand why Denmark was the land of one of the greatest children's storytellers in history. The Danish Hans Christian Andersen wrote works like The Little Mermaid, The New Clothes of the King and The Little Soldier of Lead. Perhaps he was inspired by the amount of stunning castles the country presents. A visit to the palaces of Amalienborg, Christianborg, Frederiksborg and the castle of Kronborg, Hamlet's scenery, make anyone feel like a prince.

The country also makes people go back to their children's days. Whether in Odense, the land of Hans Christian Andersen, knowing more about his fables, or in parks such as Tivoli in Copenhagen and Legoland in Billund. Still in the capital, a visit to the Nyhavn quay is key to feeling the past of the city merging with the present, whether in the little houses that surround the place or in the boats that often serve as restaurants. In the same city, you can feel what may be the last great hippie refuge in the world, the Christiania neighborhood. Few countries make the same person feel like royalty, child and hippie all at the same time.

Danish history is strongly linked to its neighbors Sweden and Norway, with whom it shares historical roots, unique but similar languages, and various other cultural aspects. But flourishing and avant-garde, Denmark has marked its own identity over the past few years, establishing the strength of its design - with names such as the super-innovative Bang & Olufsen and the iconic Arne Jacobsen, and its gastronomy, with restaurants like Noma , by acclaimed chef René Redzepi, leading a new wave of experimentation.
Denmark's cuisine, like that of other Scandinavian countries (Sweden and Norway) and northern Europe in general, as in Germany, is made up of heavy, high-fat dishes and carbohydrates. This is due to its agricultural tradition and the cold climate, characterized by rigorous and long winters.

The Danes consume several salads and vegetables cooked but served cold. Among these, in addition to those already mentioned, are cauliflower and beet. Preserved vegetables such as cucumber, onion, cabbage and beetroot are also appreciated. These are often made and stored at home.

The national dish is smørrebrød (translated to the letter, bread and butter). Smørrebrød are open sandwiches that are eaten mainly at lunch and are usually made of fish or cold meats and various types salads on a typical Danish dark bread called rugbrød.

The hot meal of national character could be pork in the oven with potatoes, boiled red cabbage and brown sauce (known as flæskesteg). Danish-style meatballs known as frikadeller, hakkebøf, kogt hamburgerryg and stegt flæsk are still popular.

Sauces are widely used and can be found, for example, on the menus of typical Danish sausage outlets known as pølsevogn. Medisterpølse and rød pølse are examples of Danish sausages. Danish hot dogs can also be supplemented with an onion-based preparation called ristede løg.

On the island of Bornholm there is a great tradition of consumption of smoked herring. In the old days, when it was not possible to eat all herring that had just been smoked on the same day, the so-called Bornholm æggekage, consisting of an omelet with smoked herring, was prepared the next day.
Denmark is in the temperate zone. Winter is not very cold, with average temperatures in January and February of 0 ° C, and summer is cool, with an average temperature in August of 15,7 ° C.17 Denmark has an average of 712mm of precipitation per year ; autumn is the wettest season of the year and spring is the driest. Due to its geographical location, the length of days vary greatly in Denmark.
Denmark is considered a safe country.
Copenhagen is referred to as one of the safest cities in the world, with a low crime rate compared to other European capitals. However, every year, especially in summer, a number of wallets are sent by the local police to the embassy, ​​so that visitors should not have to take the usual care when traveling in a European metropolis or leave valuables in sight inside the cars or hotel rooms. In case of theft, report immediately to the police.
The health network works well and there is no need for special protection against endemic and other diseases.
Community rules are applied and travelers from the European Union are advised to use form E111 or the European Health Insurance Card.

It will be prudent to subscribe for insurance covering the care that is not covered by the European Health Insurance Card and the possible costs of health repatriation.
Telecommunications and Electricity
Mobile Phones
The use of mobile devices can be used if roaming is enabled, however, paying attention to very high roaming charges. Check with your service provider.

Denmark is well served by internet services, there are several cybers-cafes with high-speed links.
In case you have a laptop or notebook, there are numerous cafes that offer the free wi-fi connection.

The electricity is 220 Volts 50 Hz.
It is advisable to have an adapter kit for the sockets.
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