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Known as the land of kangaroos and koalas, Australia is practically an island-continent on the other side of the world. The largest country in Oceania was once a British colony, today it is one of the richest nations in the world and one of the favorite destinations for backpackers and students, offering everything from the good and the best: warm weather, hundreds of beautiful and surfable beaches, wonderful, hospitality, freedom, multiculturalism, and lots of fun.

In addition, it is also one of the few places that allow the foreigner to work while studying. A unique opportunity to meet people of different nationalities.

Despite following a large number of rules and laws, its diverse population is quiet and good-humored. Most lead a relaxed lifestyle. Suit and tie? Only if it is extremely necessary at work. In general, people dress up casually - in shorts, T-shirts and slippers (or even barefoot).

As Australia is very large, most of the residents live on the coast. The geographic and climatic variety in the Australian territory goes from the heat of "Outback" (name given to the immense desert located in the central region) to the glaciers of Snowy Mountains, just over an hour from Canberra, the capital of the country. Here is a real land of adventurers (lavish in extreme sports) and gateway to the new world.
Official language
English is the official language in Australia.
Australian Dollar
Main tourist attractions
- In addition to the entrance gate for most people, the city has very interesting places to visit, with the Opera House, Darling Harbor with marine aquariums, shopping malls, and museums, and a visit to the other side of the bay including the zoo Sydney and Mainly Beach. A climb up the tower (Sydney Tower) in the center is key to understanding the city beyond the panoramic view, and a visit to the Blue Mountains will provide beautiful views of the valley. The nightlife in Sydney is the most active in all of Australia.

- The town is small but the things to do around are fantastic, such as going up to the Great Barrier Reef. Or ride the cable car up to Kuranda and take the train ride through the valley that is filled with waterfalls (both not to be missed). Go back to Port Douglas, spend the day there and take a walk to the Daintree National Park, considered the forest with the greatest diversity of plants per square meter on the planet.

Gold coast
- beautiful beaches especially for surfers and praieiros. Variety of theme parks and lively nightlife in the neighborhood of Surf Paradise. The nearby National Parks are not to be missed with many waterfalls, flora and fauna to be enjoyed.

Fraser island
 - take walks on the sand in 4x4 vehicles. Listed as a World Heritage Site with very beautiful lagoons with crystal clear water and lots of nature to see. Nearby on the Sunshine Coast, Noosa is the most interesting city to spend the day coming out of Brisbane which is also the capital of Qld.

Magnetic island
 - In front of Townsville, with breathtaking beaches being the 2/3 island of the National Park with several colonies of Koalas to see in their habitat.

 - paradise for lovers of water sports with great nightlife and restaurants. The famous Whithaven Beach has the snowy white sands and crystal clear sea water attracting tourists from all over the world.

Ayers Rocks
 - or also called Uluru, is in the heart of Australia near the town of Alice Springs. It is the largest stone monolith in the world and a sacred site for the Aborigines. The whole surrounding environment is deserted, being spectacular to visit tours around, seeing the colors of the rock changing throughout the day.

Great Ocean Road
- a 3-hour drive from Melbourne which is a great city to meet, being one of the Formula 1 drivers' favorites on the world circuit because of the laid-back population and the amount of nightlife and restaurants the city has to offer. The Great Ocean Road goes by the sea, on cliffs, and from above one can appreciate the sea and the erosion caused by giant monoliths of stone in the water, called 12 Apostles. (Now there are only 8 left, the rest have already been knocked over by the waves).

Kakadu National Park
- Near Darwin. One of the national parks where wildlife is most abundant in Australia. The only negative point is that it became so popular that it is difficult to walk alone in the park without finding tourists, but even so worth the visit.

 - One of the most beautiful places in Australia, and that in a way resembles the landscapes of New Zealand. Quite provincial and with small towns. Nature is the high point, with spectacular beaches despite the cold water. The mountains and ponds are spectacular for their beauty and wildlife.
What to do
Australia is one of the most extensive countries in the world, it has desert, there are sea, nature, incredible landscapes, volcanoes, islands, abundant and diverse flora and fauna, magnificent cities, hundreds of possibilities! It is an ideal place for practicing numerous activities and things to see and do, whether inland or on the coast, city museums monuments. A holiday in Australia is tantamount to having many things to see and do, enjoy your vacation in Australia.

If you are a water sports lover, know that there are many possibilities, from kitesurfing or windsurfing, to surfing (king sports on Australian beaches) or to diving or swimming. For scuba diving, the Julian Rocks Marine Reserve is a must-see or coral reef, the second largest in the world. You can also dive into some of the islands that surround the Australian mainland.

There are many cities to visit in Australia, East Coast, West Coast, cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Albany, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, islands like Tasmania, Flinders, Cocos, Fraser, etc.

In addition, Australia has more than a hundred National Parks to visit, where you can find places like Ayers Rock. Do not forget to venture out into the desert and visit Ayers Rock, or go surfing on some of the beautiful Australian beaches.

Of its flora and fauna, we highlight koalas and kangaroos, species that, especially the second, can be found anywhere in Australia.

Enjoy your vacation in Australia.
When applying for the Tourist Visitor Visa, it is necessary to prove the fulfillment of the financial, health and character requirements determined by the Australian Government Immigration and Citizenship Department.

The list of documents below serves as guidance to the applicant. The applicant has the option to submit or not any documentation or information that he deems pertinent.

• Letter from the employer stating the position, time of service, salary and vacation period or company contract, if you are a partner;
• Proof of enrollment at the school or university;
• Copy of itinerary or booking of tickets. The Australian Government's Immigration and Border Protection Department does not recommend that visa applicants purchase passages before having their visa application finalized;
• Invitation letter from a relative or friend in Australia (in the form of a Statutory Declaration);

• Proof of permanent visa if you are not a national of the country in which the applicant will apply for the visa;
• Proof of financial availability or access to available financial resources, from the applicant or the person providing financial support, sufficient to carry out the trip. If the applicant is receiving financial support, he must also present a statement with a recognized signature confirming the person's willingness to pay for the trip. Proof of financial availability may include, but is not limited to:
- three last paychecks;
- current income tax return;
- current account bank statements or fixed income investments of the last three months; and
- credit card statements for the last three months.

The Visa and Immigration Section of the Australian Embassy may request additional documents not mentioned above as well as original documents.

No authenticated document will be returned. If the original documents have been requested by this Section of Visas, they will be returned at the end of the process.
Australia has a temperate climate for most of the year.

Northern states generally have warm weather most of the time, while southern states have colder winters.
Australia is also one of the driest continents in the world, with average annual rainfall less than 600 mm.
December to February is summer. From March to May, fall. From June to August, winter. And from September to November it's spring.
Health and vaccination
Vaccines are not mandatory unless you come from a country infected with yellow fever or have visited a country under such conditions within the six-day period preceding your arrival. Read the Australian government's yellow fever guidelines.
Australian Gastronomy Facts

Local food is undoubtedly one of the things that most draw our attention. In Australia, breakfast is very reminiscent of American style: bacon, egg, toast, sausage, pancakes and, in some cases, even canned beans.
Another curiosity is that in Australia, the main meal is dinner and not lunch.

At night, heavy meals with lots of meat and potatoes are served in the homes of Australian families.

But what is the typical Australian food? Particularly in coastal cities, it is the traditional Fish and Chips (fish and chips). Although calorific, the dish is delicious. For dessert, Pavlone (a cream with fruit and sigh) and Cheesecakes (cheesecake) are successful.

But Australian cuisine is much more than that. Just walk the streets of major cities and come across restaurants from all over the world. What you want and do not want to eat, find it here.
Highlight for the sushis that are in every corner.
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